Sport Cages, Volleyball, and Handgun Holsters
J & J Products
We manufacture and offer volleyball equipment ranging from the casual weekend to the competitive tournament player. Our volleyball equipment is very popular with schools, park & recreation departments, and clubs as well. Our "port-sport" products include portable and permanent volleyball equipment for grass volleyball and sand volleyball courts.
Sports Cages - commercial batting cages can be set up indoors or out and require no permanent construction. Our sports cages  have a unique floor system which integrates with the automated ball return and quickly returns all balls to a coin or token operated pitching machine. 
Tactical Carry Company
Concealed carry handgun holsters system that allows you to conceal a handgun and clips underneath your cargo pocket pants or shorts. The system includes adjustable cam lock belt straps, leg straps, your choice of handgun holsters in three sizes and clip holsters in two sizes.