Manufacturing and Engineering
burchland mfg

Burchland Manufacturing, Inc
We manufacture erosion control products including a Silt Fence Installer, also known as a Silt Fence Plow, a Material Roller, and Material/Rock Boxes.

custom made boxes

Custom Made Boxes
We can supply you with almost any box in any quantity and in your hands within a few days.

custom made boxes

Eagle Manufacturing Inc
We make home and shop biomass furnaces commonly known as corn furnaces a money saving heating system manufactured for the benefit of the people who use them and for the people who make the biomass fuels available.

J&J Metal Spinning
Providing a reliable metal spinning/metal fabrication.
We can handle any size metal fabrication job from ½" to 132" in diameter. We can do high or low volume jobs with short lead times. We can ship anywhere, nationally or internationally.

KSW Corporation is an industrial knives grinding specialist. KSW provides industrial knife sharpening and replacement knife and blade service to the printing, bindery, metal fabricating, meat, and food processing industries.

 pickwick manufacturing services Pickwick Manufacturing Services
Our contract manufacturing service facilities in Cedar Rapids ship whole goods, piece parts, kits and final assemblies directly to the production lines of leading Original Equipment Manufacturers throughout the Midwest.

PSC, Inc.
Start producing your own corrugated shipping containers with the ABM-72 automatic box making machine.  The key is the simple Touch Screen system...30 seconds to input the style, size, and quantity...and feed the stock corrugated sheets into the ABM-72.

portable scale Schrran Engineering
We specialize in portable scale manufacturing
and have included customer ideas along with our knowledge of over twenty years of scale experience and designed a portable scale to fit our customerís needs.

Tico Inc.
Tico Inc. specializes in manufacturing heat treated pallets along with recycling pallets. They are also a transportation broker that delivers pallets direct.