Fremont Farms of Iowa

Fremont Farms of Iowa Stimulates Local Farming Economy

In 2003, Fremont Farms of Iowa LLP began purchasing corn directly from farmers in Poweshiek and surrounding counties. Prior to that time, they purchased corn through local elevators rather than directly from farmers.

Millions of bushels of corn are purchased every year which has stimulated the local farming economy. It is estimated that since Fremont Farms began buying corn from local farmers, the price of local corn has gone up at 3 to 5 cents compared to what it would have been otherwise. This is a significant economic boost to farmers in the region. In addition, tens of thousands of tons of soybean meal are purchased every year. This adds to the growing demand in Iowa for soybeans.

Fremont Farms purchases no. 2 yellow corn including GMO corn. Additionally, there is usually no wait to unload at the feedmill with one bay dedicated to corn unloading. They also offer a variety of contracts to meet the marketing needs of our producers. These include cash grain bids contracts, basis contracts, deferred payment, and multi-month delivery contracts. The company is also open to discussing creative contractual arrangements that are beneficial to both parties involved.

Fremont Farms of Iowa has a Class 1 Grain Dealers License, Number GD- 5067 issued by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, and participates in the Iowa Grain Depositors and Sellers Indemnity Fund.

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Location of Fremont Farms of Iowa

  • At the intersection of Old Highway 6 and 110th Street
  • 2 miles northwest of Malcom, IA
  • 11 miles east of Grinnell, IA
  • 7 miles west of Brooklyn, IA

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Fremont Farms of Iowa, LLP
Established in 1998.

Grain Dealer License #GD-5067

Grain Production Facility
3868 110th Street
Malcom, Iowa 50157