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Fun Facts About Eggs

  • Eggs age more in one day at room temperature than they do in a week if refrigerated.
  • To make easy to peel hard boiled eggs, allow the fresh eggs to age for a couple of weeks in the refrigerator before boiling.
  • The average hen will lay about 245 eggs per year.
  • The older a hen gets, the larger her eggs become.
  • About 240 million laying hens produce approximately 5.5 billion dozen eggs per year in the United States .
  • Egg Yolks are one of the few foods that naturally contain vitamin D, which is essential for building strong bones (it helps the body absorb calcium).
  • A hen requires 24-26 hours to produce one egg.
  • Hens with white feathers and earlobes produce white eggs, and hens with red feathers and earlobes produce brown eggs.
  • If you poke a small hole in the shell of an egg before boiling, the egg will expand inside the shell so that your cooked hard boiled egg does not have a flat bottom.
  • It is said that an egg can be stood on its narrow end during the spring equinox. Although some people have experienced success, this theory has never been proven because it might just be a peculiarity with that particular egg.
  • To see if an egg is raw or boiled, spin it. A raw egg will wobble and a cooked egg will spin freely.
  • If you accidentally break an egg on the floor or a counter top, sprinkle it heavily with salt for easy clean-up.

Fremont Farms of Iowa is pleased to provide these fun facts regarding eggs. Much of this material is re-printed by permission from the Egg Nutrition Center located in Washington , DC . Please call Fremont Farms of Iowa at 641-528-3447 if you have questions about this information. For more information on Fremont Farms of Iowa, visit us at

The Egg Nutrition Center publishes numerous articles and information can be reached at

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